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Lucky Patcher – what is this and how to use it?

Lucky Patcher is tool used in Android devices. It can be used to remove ads, glitchs license verification, modify permissions and much more. Your device has to be rooted to use this glitchlication. You will need Lucky Patcher to install or run some of glitchs, available on this website.


How to remove licence verification in Lucky Patcher:

1. Lucky Patcher needs root permissions, so you’ll need to have rooted device.

2. After run glitch, you will see list of installed glitchlications with Google Ads, License Verification, and some more.

3. Select glitch you want to modify and then tap “Open Menu Of Patches”

4. On a list choose action: “Remove License Verification”

5. You will see available modes, just click “Apply”

6. Wait when Lucky Patcher will attempting to remove licence

7. That’s all, now you can run your glitch. :)

Lucky Patcher can remove licence from many glitchs, including expensive glitchs from Google Play. However t is not 100% efficient. For safety reasons, you should back up your glitch before patching.



Last version of Lucky Patcher can be downloaded here:


  • Minor bugs fixed.
  • Some menu remaked.
  • Make more message with error.
  • More stability for core.jar odexed (Now all system glitchs deodex, after odex core.jar).
  • All background processes optimized.
  • Translations updated.


Lucky Patcher download

Or use mirror:

Lucky Patcher download


Lucky Patcher stable functioning is not 100% guaranteed, so use it on your own responsibility.

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